An Island Adventure

Vancouver is often touted as the best city in the world. There certainly is some truth in that statement, but I’d say the best thing about Vancouver is its close proximity to so many other beautiful places! Taking advantage of this, two wonderful friends–Tanja and Susan–and I hit the road and headed for Tofino–on the west coast of Vancouver Island–to visit another wonderful friend–Kim. Road trip!


When I left for work on Friday morning it was an absolute downpour, so much so that I took a taxi to work; something I rarely do but with my luggage and the rain and the usual scramble to get to work in time–the sopping, stinking, packed bus ride was not an option. By the time I finished work that afternoon the rain had subsided. And, by the time I met Tanja and picked up the rental, the  sun was out! And it continued to shine gloriously upon us as we drove over the Lions Gate Bridge and off to Wonderland…

We just made the 17:00 ferry, and I do mean just! We were the 5th last car to get on. More luck for us! Next stop was Nanaimo to pick up Susan who was meeting us there from Victoria. We found her sitting on a lawn, waiting for us outside of a shopping centre.  In she hopped and off we drove. Tanja offered the reliable service of her trusty Iphone to navigate us safely to Tofino. IPhones are great but they can only do so much and that doesn’t include making us girls pay attention to it… two hours into the drive we finally realized we were heading in the wrong direction.

We are for sure not the first to miss the turn to Tofino and end up in Courtney–which, if you look on a map, is exactly straight across from Tofino! So we made it to the right latitude, at least. We decided to spend the night and found a real park-right-outside-your-door motel. It even had a really gross indoor swimming pool.

After finding the local watering hole, having a few drinks and dancing like we’d never be in that town again, we slumbered.

Up with the sun, we hit the road, coffee-less even cause no one was about to drink what was available to us at 7 a.m. in small town BC. The drive to Tofino was spectacular; I was pleased with our decision to do this drive in daylight. The girls were silent for much of it, fighting off the nausea brought on by the ever-winding road. Only three hours and we arrived at Kim’s beautiful rainforest, oceanside dwelling; yes, she lives amongst the old growth trees and next to the Pacific ocean; lucky girls were we.

Our overnight in Tofino felt like 3 days; I love when a get-a-way does that. We walked the neighbouring beach, Tanja skim-boarded, we wandered through the rainforest; combed another beach, took photos, toured the town of Tofino, cooked, ate, drank wine, and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company–in the magic that is Tofino.

Hope you take some time to enjoy my photographs.

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