The Youth Are Getting Restless

And, so continues my love-hate relationship with Mexico.

After having like the best day of my life, at least of my life here in Boca, we got robbed. Sure, it was our fault for leaving our bags unattended on the beach. Stupid gringos, I know. Luckily we weren’t so stupid that we left important things like passports in our bags. Just things that we liked, and now miss. Like the terrific Nick Tosches book that I was half way through and Bradford’s sketchbook. I could list all the things that were in our bags, but I realize no one gives a shit about our stuff, but us. That’s okay.

What isn’t okay is how this whole incident made us feel. Something has changed in us and I’ll tell you why. It’s because we were just starting to feel at home here. Settling into a small town, greeting the locals like old friends. Feeling just a little bit like a local (loco?). And that my friend is when shit happens. It has reminded us that we have to watch our backs, like prey in the jungle. Like those sweet little hermit crabs carting around their protective  shell, they know better than to set that thing down and go for a swim.

If this theft had occurred on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, I would have blamed myself, shrugged it off and moved on. But because it’s happened here in a small town like Boca it’s different, disheartening. Mainly because the kids, and I say kids because we actually saw our stuff being stolen, are still hanging around. We all know who stole the stuff, but can do nothing about it.

Yes, I will leave this place, go back to my life in Vancouver ; and these kids will stay here and continue to do what they do, which is nothing much. The plight of small town youth everywhere.  Do I feel sorry for them? Maybe. Do I forgive their action? No. Do I understand why they did it? I think I do; and maybe, being in their situation, would have done it myself.

The only positive thing that might come out of this, is maybe one of them will be inspired by the sketchbook and art pens that were stolen. Unfortunately, we will never know.


8 thoughts on “The Youth Are Getting Restless

  1. Thank you!!

    They were confronted immediately after it all happened, but they just stood there with smug looks denying any involvement.

    A young local guy, who also speaks English, has offered to ask around to see if he can get any of our things back. So, we’ll see how that pans out.

    Boca is wonderful, but–like anywhere–one must be careful… and we weren’t.

  2. If this happened in Boca or Las Animas and you can show me who took your things, I would love to try to get them back for you…especially the most important emotional things that would be of little value to whomever took your things. I am so sad that this happened you. It is not good for anyone and not good for Boca tourism.

  3. If you are still there post a note in a well visited place and ask for the sketch pad back – leave it at a public place by such a date. Long shot but could turn out. Forever optimistic. Your Mom’s Friend & neighbour.

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